If you have pain in the joints, and you have a desk job then chances are that you have Vitamin D deficiency. And the surprising fact are that you are not alone in this. According to a study done by Metropolis Healthcare in 2015, 7 put of 10 people in urban India are Vitamin D […]

Analytics is driving the next level of transformation for healthcare in India. With increase in digital adoption, organizations now have the option of using the data to run analytics and power programs for patient engagement, health education and process improvements. In Healthcare data is the new oil.

A utopia, in which all the published data (new and existing) related to medical field is assimilated, understood and provides insights, could be a reality very soon. Cognitive computing technology could be the next transformative force propelling the healthcare industry towards the next era.  In 2015, near 44, 000 oncology research papers were published globally […]

India needs a new healthcare model. Now this model has to be based on preventive care and on detecting and treating conditions way before they occur. The challenge in India is 2 fold, on one side we don’t have the infrastructure and the medical capability to treat chronic secondary and tertiary diseases while on the […]

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant change driven by six disruptive forces – rapid digitization, changing consumer expectations, regulatory complexities, increasing healthcare demand, shortage of skilled resources and elevating healthcare costs. To meet the implication of these forces, healthcare organizations must excel in engaging with consumers, discovering new ideas and taking effective decisions. Currently, traditional […]

It is no surprise that herbal products are safer for human consumption. But, it is a wonder how little of herbal items occupy our cupboards, bathrooms and kitchen shelves. I discovered this the hard way when my five year old daughter insisted on using my lipstick – not once but multiple times. Despite asking her […]

Recently, my mother-in-law underwent bypass surgery. While the doctor treating her told her about how her diet should limit fried foods and spicy items for at least 6 months, he did not tell her what other complications she may experience, considering she is diabetic as well. Further, there was no counselling support provided to help […]

Motherhood is perhaps the most challenging phase in a woman’s life – not just because of the of physical changes she experiences, but also due to the wide range of advise she is subject to from family, friends, and the medical practitioners she consults. While advise on motherhood and parenting by friends and family members […]