According to research from European non profit Health and Environment Alliance, if India removes its fuel subsidies it can fund almost 24 % of the healthcare needs of the citizens. The study also goes on to say that the savings can help produce 24,000 doctors at Rs 1.7 Crores a doctors (Estimate as per AIIMS […]

Many years ago, the Finnish discovered that pouring water over heated rocks in a small enclosed room created a very hot, dry heat – the sauna. We all have heard  about the miracle of infrared or dry sauna in our life. But have you ever think that what is the connection  between your body and dry saunas?   […]

In my previous post I had written about the need to look at natural/herbal cosmetics. I feel the younger generation is going to insist on cosmetics and instead of denying them the item, it would be better to find safe alternatives and let them use it. We know that children go through a phase. My […]

As India continues to reel under the onset of summer, a lot of people would look to fresh juices, aerated drinks, processed fruit drinks and water. But the ultimate cure for heat lies much higher above the ground and is available in plenty in the country hanging on top of a coconut tree.

Hello All and trust you have been having a very healthy start to the year. This month I am planning to focus on health and health advisory as means to maintaining your health. My first post would be a focus on Cane Sugar as a replacement for the regular white sugar. Recently when we ran out […]

In the recent past many people known to me have asked me to write about the cooking oil scene in India. One of those is my aunt Poornima who is very particular about her health and has always wondered about the merits and demerits of Olive Oil. My aunt is right. Last year India consumed […]

  Idli or rice cake could solve some problems of wellness and nutrition in the country. According the the recent breakfast survey done at 4 major metros in India, Idli-sambar came out on tops as the most nutritious breakfast. This combination won over other traditional foods like Parathas and Modern additions like Bread. A mix of rice and urad dal (White […]