In my previous post I had written about the need to look at natural/herbal cosmetics. I feel the younger generation is going to insist on cosmetics and instead of denying them the item, it would be better to find safe alternatives and let them use it. We know that children go through a phase. My […]

It is no surprise that herbal products are safer for human consumption. But, it is a wonder how little of herbal items occupy our cupboards, bathrooms and kitchen shelves. I discovered this the hard way when my five year old daughter insisted on using my lipstick – not once but multiple times. Despite asking her […]

India continues to grapple with the problem of inadequate nutrition. The problem is more acute with children across stratum of society in this nation. On one hand we have children in some economic strata, who don’t have access to a balanced diet due to the economic condition of the parents. They depend on the mid-day […]

As part of the Digital India initiative, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendar Modi launched the e hospital program. The program enables patients to take appointments online and links premier institutes like AIIMS and NIMHANS. The other unique feature of this initiative is DigiLocker that enables patients to store sensitive information.  

Diabetes is the new Malaria as far as India is concerned. With more than 80 million known Diabetics in India now and the number I believe is much higher is just that a lot of them are not aware of the condition. But as we continue to think through the strategies to manage the condition, […]

Imagine you are a student studying in a remote campus with no access to quality healthcare close by. What is the best way to get quality medical care? This was the question that four young graduates from BITS Pilani were trying to answer during their education there. The answer was: use Digital. So the four […]

We often hear that diabetics need to control their diet and avoid sugar. But can they consume alcohol ? In this article we seek to cover the great alcohol debate and shed some light on safe alcohol consumption for people living with type 2 diabetes. The most important rule, and this goes without saying, is […]

Infrared saunas are all the rage right now. This growing health craze has many proven health benefits, including detoxification, pain relief, lowered blood pressure, and improved blood circulation. Even celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, and

I love my coffee. And just like every other south Indian man, I believe that filter coffee is the best. Of late health aficionados have started bothering me with my increasing waistline and decreasing stamina. They often point to my coffee tumbler and indicate that that is one of my biggest problems. Its not the […]

Hello All and trust you have been having a very healthy start to the year. This month I am planning to focus on health and health advisory as means to maintaining your health. My first post would be a focus on Cane Sugar as a replacement for the regular white sugar. Recently when we ran out […]