Of the many myths that I have seen being propagated in India, the one that makes me curious is the one on the warm water, honey and lemon combination to reduce fat. I have seen this grow in my family even in childhood as one of my aunts used to religiously drink it each morning. […]

A new study published by the Kim Rollings assistant professor at Notre Dame in the Journal of Environment and Behavior suggests that open kitchens may lead to people overeating. In a study conducted by the professor on 57 students, at the University, it was found that students in the group that used the open kitchen consumed […]

If you feel you are stuck in the wrong job then you can blame you weight. A report titled “Subtle Increases in BMI within a Healthy Weight Range Still Reduce Womens Employment Chances in the Service Sector” conducted by Dennis Nickson, Andrew R. Timming, Daniel R and David I. Perrett and published in the medical journal PLOS ONE shows that your […]

About 18 years ago when P&G launched Whisper with Wings through a TV Ad, there was an awkward moment in our house. My mother was angry, I was embarrassed and my younger brother (around 11 years old) was supremely alert and curious. Now with two daughters of my own and a doctor husband, we don’t […]

Most people use after shave lotions after shaving. But those in earlier generation did not have aftershave. I remember my grand father applying a translucent block to his skin after a shave. Initially I mistook it for ice, and was thinking he is using a block of ice to cool down the skin. But later I […]

Some days ago Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, the founder of healthcare in India, had developed an allergy in his eyes, which made him extremely sensitive to bright light. This made it difficult for him to work on the computers as the glare of the display caused tremendous discomfort to him. He reached out to many friends, […]

Before you call me a pessimist and an ungrateful woman, let me state that I am proud India has passed this Bill. It is a positive move supporting the value that working women bring to our society. Incidentally, I am also a beneficiary of such a policy that my company implemented for expecting mothers from […]

I’ve had a life long battle with food in a bid to lose weight. I’ve read numerous books, tracked my meals on an App for a year and visited a few nutritionists to figure out portion sizes, calories and supplements. One person (who could have made a great psychologist) even told me that I should […]

While watching the Jurassic Park in 1993, the message I left the theater with was that no matter how scientific we get about controlling nature, it will find a way. In the case of the movie, the dinosaurs found a way to reproduce and proliferate. We are no different.

Its great to be back to regular blogging after a minor health scare. I developed photo sensitivity (sensitivity to light) and spent a very unhappy last couple of weeks, shuttling between doctors clinics, pouring eye drops into my eye and generally keeping away from electronic devices. More on that later, but generally I was feeling […]