Ever wondered which hospital is the best at providing multi specialty services? Well the answer according to India Healthcare Awards instituted by ICICI Lombard and CNBC TV 18 is the Mumbai based PD Hinduja Hospital and research center.

  In my last post I wrote about the looming challenge that breast cancer poses for the Indian women. If you have not read that piece please click here for the link. To find answers to these questions i started looking at the various components of the Healthcare ecosystem to see what they were doing […]

Cancer. The very word strikes terror in the hearts of patients and physicians alike. But often we consider cancer as a problem of the west and one that does not really affect India. Except for tobacco related cancer, there is hardly any public outreach program either from the Government or the private health sector. India […]

  Frost & Sullivan recently announced the winners for the Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013. I was delighted to see my good friends from Philips Healthcare  recognized as the Imaging company of the year 2013 at a glittering function in Mumbai. The awards are given away every year and were instituted in 2009. Incidentally the last two years […]

Recently I visited the Philips Innovation Center in Bangalore. While talking to Dr Mabel who had come there to give a demonstration of the lastest Philips Automated External Defibrillator (AED) I came to know of some interesting facts. Did you know that 7,00,000 people have heart attacks in India each year. and out of them […]

Cardiovascular diseases continue to be the scourge of India. As discussed in my earlier post, India has probably the largest pool of heart patients in the world, today. The number of heart patients today stands at around 45 million India. So in the run up to the world heart day, on the 29th of September […]

My grandmother always used to tell me that working hard 9-5 and having a good night’s sleep were the secrets of a healthy heart. And she also told me that heart problems were a 60’s thing (people in their 60’s) Her statement could not have been truer as she remained healthy her working life and […]

  A recent report by IMS Health India puts the number of quacks in urban India more than qualified MBBS doctors. A quack according to IMS Health is someone not have an MBBS degree but still prescribes Allopathic medicines. So there are basically three categories of quacks. the first category is those who have no […]

  Friends, Indians, Countrymen I am here to bury the new MBBS doctors and not to praise them. But before I do that, please do hear me out… The Indian government wants to make it compulsory for the freshly graduated MBBS doctors to serve 6 months in a rural posting, in order to be eligible to sit […]

  In the future you might receive your medical prescription via SMS.  Yes that’s what is being proposed by the Madhya Pradesh (MP) government. To make up for the shortage of physicians and specialists the MP government will be now launching a new system by which patients will receive medical advice from doctors via phone and will […]