Urbanization is the next shift in the history of human civilization. If experts are to be believed more than 60 % of the human population would be living in mega cities by 2050. This would call for massive investments in process, technology, infrastructure and people. It would also call for a re-look at how healthcare […]

Recently one of the biggest successes in the public health scenario in India has been the pulse polio program. From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan big names got behind this program and we marveled at our own intelligence. Often I would see schools children and NCC cadets carrying the vials to give two drops […]

  Frost & Sullivan recently announced the winners for the Healthcare Excellence Awards 2013. I was delighted to see my good friends from Philips Healthcare  recognized as the Imaging company of the year 2013 at a glittering function in Mumbai. The awards are given away every year and were instituted in 2009. Incidentally the last two years […]

Cardiovascular diseases continue to be the scourge of India. As discussed in my earlier post, India has probably the largest pool of heart patients in the world, today. The number of heart patients today stands at around 45 million India. So in the run up to the world heart day, on the 29th of September […]

My grandmother always used to tell me that working hard 9-5 and having a good night’s sleep were the secrets of a healthy heart. And she also told me that heart problems were a 60’s thing (people in their 60’s) Her statement could not have been truer as she remained healthy her working life and […]

  Idli or rice cake could solve some problems of wellness and nutrition in the country. According the the recent breakfast survey done at 4 major metros in India, Idli-sambar came out on tops as the most nutritious breakfast. This combination won over other traditional foods like Parathas and Modern additions like Bread. A mix of rice and urad dal (White […]

  Yes that’s not a typo, Havells India the manufacturers of electrical equipment are all set to enter the tertiary healthcare sector in India. The Havells brand is owned by QRG enterprises and they already run a tertiary care center in Faridabad. So they have some experience in the running of a hospital. In the next 2-3 years we would see […]

Did you know according to the WHO, 21 million cases of Hepatitis B was spread due to unsafe syringes? That means these were syringes that were already infected and not destroyed properly and were reused causing this infection. According to Marc Koska the inventor of the Single use syringe, almost 65 % of the syringes […]

A good sign for Device users in India. The Indian Government is finally woken up to the fact that devices and drugs are different. As a result of this waking up and coming to terms with reality, they are planning to separate the two replacing the provisions under the Drugs and cosmetics amendment Bill tabled in 2007. […]

Have you ever wondered that when they show commercials of happy couples or happy families, they are usually shot in the wild, mostly near a water fall or in the jungle. My mind goes back to the Lyril advertisement of yesteryear’s. For those born in the 90’s, please look at this picture below. Most of […]