(Image source: http://wellness.ucsd.edu) Yesterday I was doing some research on the chyawanprash market in India and I found some rather interesting stats. The Chyawanprash market which is roughly Rs 400 crore saw a 25% growth in 2010. This is after a decade of single digit growth for the category. Then in the evening I was […]

(Image Source: CDC) After declaring and winning the war against polio, the Indian public health administration has declared war on Measles. Measles is a viral disease which kills about a million people a year. Out of the million almost 90 % are children. In India the statistics is very alarming as almost 500 children die […]

(Image source: Benzinga.com) Way back when I was in B school the burning question in the Indian pharmaceutical industry was the expiring patents of the global pharmaceutical companies. The top among the list was Lipitor the cholesterol lowering drug that was fuelling most of Pfizer’s revenues. Lipitor was the first drug to exceed $10 billion […]

(Image source: Cigna.com) Healthcare Insurance sector in India is set for exciting times with the proposed entry of US based Healthcare giant Cigna. Cigna based in Bloomfield Connecticut has revenues of close to $19 billion globally. To enter India Cigna has formed a joint venture with India based TTK Healthcare which was founded in the […]

Cloud computing continues to be a transformational force in the Industry. Healthcare is no different. The key attributes that help organisations leverage the advantages of the cloud are true for Healthcare as well. A good example is how the Business process as a service (BpaaS ) can help the health insurance firms. For healthcare payers, […]

(Image Source: Emory.edu)   There have always been questions on the implications of social media in Healthcare. In a paper titled ‘Transforming Healthcare through social media’ I had discussed why the Industry was adoption social networks. http://www.ehealthnews.eu/images/stories/pdf/impact_of_social_media_in_healthcare.pdf Recently I read an article that reaffirmed the increasing applications of social media in Healthcare. A group of […]