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Clinical trials demonstrate benefits of instant wave-free ratio (iFR) from Philips as compared to fractional flow reserve (FFR) for the assessment of coronary artery disease

Philips Healthcare recently announced that the results from two large [...]

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Is having insurance (private and public) really the answer to India’s healthcare issues?

Reading Dr Vikram’s post on “is-health-insurance-the-answer-to-indias-healthcare-woes?” made me think. Well, [...]

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India releases National Health Policy, focus on primary care, district hospitals and non communicable diseases

The Indian government today released the national health policy with [...]

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Understanding basics and challenges of U.S. Health Insurance and lessons India can learn from them

United States has predominantly two types of insurance – Private [...]

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Patient safety awareness in Infusion Therapy can reduce the rate of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)

Hyderabad City is among the first cities to have adopted [...]

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