Well sometimes the best perspectives in lives come to you at unusual situations. I was down with fever last couple of days and as I lay there my mind full of medicines, anguish at falling ill for the nth time, and anti-biotics frying my neural pathways a strange thought came to me. How much of […]

India needs a new healthcare model. Now this model has to be based on preventive care and on detecting and treating conditions way before they occur. The challenge in India is 2 fold, on one side we don’t have the infrastructure and the medical capability to treat chronic secondary and tertiary diseases while on the […]

Most people use after shave lotions after shaving. But those in earlier generation did not have aftershave. I remember my grand father applying a translucent block to his skin after a shave. Initially I mistook it for ice, and was thinking he is using a block of ice to cool down the skin. But later I […]

Recently my views on a new healthcare model for India were published in the consultant review magazine’s July 2016 edition which has a focus in the state of healthcare in India. Some of the highlights of the article are encapsulated below.

Some days ago Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, the founder of healthcare in India, had developed an allergy in his eyes, which made him extremely sensitive to bright light. This made it difficult for him to work on the computers as the glare of the display caused tremendous discomfort to him. He reached out to many friends, […]

Before you call me a pessimist and an ungrateful woman, let me state that I am proud India has passed this Bill. It is a positive move supporting the value that working women bring to our society. Incidentally, I am also a beneficiary of such a policy that my company implemented for expecting mothers from […]

India does not have adequate health insurance cover. Today around 20 % of the population is covered by some kind of health insurance. This includes the insurance provided by the government through the Rashtriya Swashtya Bima Yojana. Broken down by the Urban and Rural segments, that amount to 12 % of the Urban population and […]

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant change driven by six disruptive forces – rapid digitization, changing consumer expectations, regulatory complexities, increasing healthcare demand, shortage of skilled resources and elevating healthcare costs. To meet the implication of these forces, healthcare organizations must excel in engaging with consumers, discovering new ideas and taking effective decisions. Currently, traditional […]

I’ve had a life long battle with food in a bid to lose weight. I’ve read numerous books, tracked my meals on an App for a year and visited a few nutritionists to figure out portion sizes, calories and supplements. One person (who could have made a great psychologist) even told me that I should […]