Recently one of the biggest successes in the public health scenario in India has been the pulse polio program. From Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan big names got behind this program and we marveled at our own intelligence. Often I would see schools children and NCC cadets carrying the vials to give two drops […]

  In my last post I wrote about the looming challenge that breast cancer poses for the Indian women. If you have not read that piece please click here for the link. To find answers to these questions i started looking at the various components of the Healthcare ecosystem to see what they were doing […]

Cancer. The very word strikes terror in the hearts of patients and physicians alike. But often we consider cancer as a problem of the west and one that does not really affect India. Except for tobacco related cancer, there is hardly any public outreach program either from the Government or the private health sector. India […]