In the future you might receive your medical prescription via SMS.  Yes that’s what is being proposed by the Madhya Pradesh (MP) government. To make up for the shortage of physicians and specialists the MP government will be now launching a new system by which patients will receive medical advice from doctors via phone and will […]

  Yes that’s not a typo, Havells India the manufacturers of electrical equipment are all set to enter the tertiary healthcare sector in India. The Havells brand is owned by QRG enterprises and they already run a tertiary care center in Faridabad. So they have some experience in the running of a hospital. In the next 2-3 years we would see […]

Did you know according to the WHO, 21 million cases of Hepatitis B was spread due to unsafe syringes? That means these were syringes that were already infected and not destroyed properly and were reused causing this infection. According to Marc Koska the inventor of the Single use syringe, almost 65 % of the syringes […]

What is common to Indian healthcare and soccer? Well they languish in the triple digits when it comes to rankings.   According to WHO rankings, Indian Healthcare system ranks 112th in the world, way behind countries like Colombia, Sri Lanka and Egypt. The highest ranking Asian nation is Singapore at 6. Japan is a respectable […]